HPSO Members' Garden Blogs

The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon does not maintain a blog.  Instead, we provide the following links to blog sites by some of our members.  These bloggers are passionate about gardening.  We provide links to their websites for your interest and convenience.

[Please note that HPSO does not control the content of these websites and does not make any explicit or implied endorsement.]


Scott Weber Scott Weber - "Rhone Street Gardens"

"I garden in the Brooklyn neighborhood in SE Portland. I’m a firm believer in “right plant, right place” and a lover of the naturalistic style and the New Perennial Movement."

Jane Finch-Howell

Jane Finch-Howell - "Mulchmaid"

"Living on the edge, I practice zonal denial without a greenhouse.  Simple forms, bright colors, tropical foliage, and anything in the Manzanita family will make me happy."


Tamara PaulatTamara Paulat - "Chickadee Gardens"

"Chickadee Gardens is a small, green oasis in the urban center of Portland, Oregon, zone 8b.  Our focus is native plantings, but we also love (non-invasive) ornamentals.  Changes occur regularly in the design of the garden but the focus remains: this garden is for the chickadees (and bees, and bugs, and husband, and cats, and...)."

Amy CampionAmy Campion - "The World's Best Gardening Blog"

"I write about gardens and nurseries I've visited, plants I love, phenology (bloom times and other seasonal events), trees, garden books, gardening how-to's, fall color, garden photography, and growing vegetables."

Ann Amato-ZorichAnn Amato-Zorich - "Amateur Bot-ann-ist"

"The Amateur Bot-ann-ist lives, grows her garden, cooks and blogs from the Pacific Northwest.  Ann is a fickle woman who writes from the heart covering a variety of garden-related topics: gardening while chronically ill, ikebana, recipes, plants and gardens in art history, nature essays, and of course, about her love of seeds."

Diana ReeckDiana Reeck - "Down in the Dirt with Diana"

"My gardening experiences on our small city lot in Salem, OR, after living on 7 acres in Battleground, WA for 20 years.  The blog is also a companion to my radio show on KMUZ 88.5 FM, the mid-Willamette Valley's community radio station."


Matthew HubbardMatthew Hubbard - "The Lents Farmer"

"I always wanted a little white house with a little white fence. My garden in the Lents neighborhood is a mix of perennial boarders, "ponds", walnut trees, gnomes and anything else that makes me happy. I especially enjoy herbaceous and Chinese/Japanese tree peonies."

Loree BohlLoree Bohl - "Danger Garden"

"Danger Garden is all about my love of spiky, dangerous plants, as well as plants on the border of what's hardy here in Portland, Oregon. Where's the fun in a safe, easy garden? I also share our regions wealth of great nurseries, adventurous gardeners and great garden designs."

Alyse LansingAlyse Lansing - "Garden Inspiration Blog"
"Regarding all things that inspire the making and keeping of a garden; particular attention to the things that propel us toward ornamental gardening—the beauty and nature that moves us."

Ricki GradyRicki Grady - "Sprig to Twig"

"I had a gardening book, BeBop Garden: Riffing and jiving in the plant kingdom, published in 2011.  Writing it was such a pleasure that I found myself missing the process.  My publisher convinced me to start a blog.  It was fun to be able to post thoughts and photographs as the garden evolved, and the blog served as a portal to a whole world of like-minded friends, unconstrained by geography."

Kate McMillan

Kate McMillan - "Cultiverity"

"The Cultiverity garden design blog covers garden visits, garden design ideas, favorite plants & other gardening topics from Portland Oregon & the Pacific Northwest."

 Heather TuckerHeather Tucker -  "Girl With a Hammer"

"I began my blog when I bought a rundown foreclosed home in North Portland. Home renovation posts gradually fell by the wayside as I focused on creating my first garden. I have yet to meet a plant I didn't like, though that nodding onion turned out to be a bit of a thug."

Vanessa Gardner-NagelVanessa Gardner-Nagel - "Garden Chirps"

"Musings of a Landscape Designer and Garden Author: Vanessa blogs about garden design, plants, her own garden, and gardens she visits."

Darcy Daniels

Darcy Daniels - "eGardenGo"

"The eGardenGo site endeavors to help gardeners unlock the secrets of making successful planting combinations an connect with their most creative selves.  An easy-to-use online database filled with plant profiles and professionally curated garden combinations."

Beth GoodnightBeth Goodnight - "Goodnight Gleanings"

"With a focus on education, I use real-life situations I encounter in my gardening world as a canvas for teaching good, sustainable horticulture practices."

Grace PetersonGrace Peterson - "Gardening with Grace"

"Gardening has been my lifelong passion, and happy plants make me giddy.  In 2008, I began blogging and sharing prose and photos of what's currently blooming.  I authored a book: 'Grace in the Garden: Thirty Years of Blunders and Bliss'.  I live on the outskirts of Albany, Oregon."

Ann NickersonAnn Nickerson - "Garden Magic"

"Garden Magic is the light-hearted musing and wisdom of an avid gardener and landscape designer.  My greatest desire is to share my joy in discovering and designing gardens."

Lance WrightLance Wright - "Garden Riots"

"The landscape.  Xeriscape.  Sustainability.  Zonal Denial.  Horticulture and gardening are all about context.  After 35 years of landscape construction, maintenance, gardening and problem solving, primarily in public landscapes, it still hinges on my sense of wonder in the natural world.  My own personal look at the amazing world we live in…and, how we can make it better."

 Phillip OliverPhillip Oliver - "Dirt Therapy"

"After gardening over twenty years in Alabama, I am realizing my life-long dream to live and garden in the Pacific Northwest.  It is exciting and challenging learning to garden in a different climate and to discover new plants.  I write about what is going on in my Vancouver garden and about gardens I have visited."

 Peter HerpstPeter Herpst - "Outlaw Gardener"

"A slave to the Goddess Flora shares his garden adventures in public and private gardens and nurseries around the pacific northwest and in his own small urban zone 8 garden in Tacoma.  Come break the rules of plant placement and good taste with me."

Eileen StarkEileen Stark - "Real Gardens Grow Natives"

"Offering gardeners ways to make dynamic, wildlife-friendly spaces that genuinely belong in their setting and reflect the natural world.  Find ways to garden more empathetically and effectively-but not less enjoyably-using low maintenance native plants that enrich your garden so it can nuture entire life cycles of local biodiversity."

 Barbara BlossomBarbara Blossom - "Love Letters to my Garden"

"Love Letters to My Garden celebrates the publication of my seventh book, and highlights people in the garden community, gardens I love, some of my favorite plants, and the continually changing face of my own colorful acre."

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