Board & Staff

The last election of officers and directors was conducted at the HPSO Annual Meeting on October 22nd, 2016.

Jim Rondone

Jim Rondone, President

Jim joined the HPSO Board in 2007 after serving on the education and Gen(i)us committees. In 2010, he became First Vice President, and served as President from 2012-2014. He served as Immediate Past President until returning as President when a vacancy occurred in April 2016. Jim continues to be active with the Gen(i)us Series and other HPSO programs, including planning and escorting HPSO tours abroad. Jim gardens in Southwest Portland.

Bob Hyland

Bob Hyland, First Vice President (Second Consecutive Term)

Bob is a plantsman and designer with 25 years of experience managing plant collections, displays, and educational programs at internationally recognized public gardens, including Longwood Gardens, San Francisco Botanic Garden, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. He has worked as a consultant for the Garden Conservancy and was co-owner of Loomis Creek, a retail nursery in New York’s Hudson Valley. Since moving to Portland, Bob continues to design gardens and has opened Contained Exuberance, a garden shop that sells pottery, fountains, benches, and hanging planters. Bob also serves on the board of Pacific Horticulture. He co-chaired PlantFest for several years, and now co-chairs HPSO’s speaker programming. Bob is active in HPSO tour planning, contributes to the HPSO Quarterly, and regularly opens his garden in Linnton.

Barb Christopher

Barb Christopher, Second Vice President (Second Consecutive Term)

Barb is an avid Pacific Northwest gardener who completed her Oregon State University Master Gardener training. She serves as chair of HPSO Membership/Development Committee and Garden Travel Committee. She also serves on the Media & Outreach Committee as publicity coordinator for HPSO speaker programs and plant sales. She has been a member of the Hortlandia Committee and a plant sale volunteer for a number of years. Barb is a former museum curator and director and continues to consult for museum collections and exhibitions. In recent years, she has also offered garden coaching and design services. She escorted the 2016 HPSO tour to Wales and the 2017 tour to Cornwall. Barb gardens in Northeast Portland.

Christine Mitchell

Christine Mitchell, Secretary (First Term)

Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area where she caught the gardening bug from her parents, Christine has made Oregon her home since 1975. Now retired, she gardens in Washington County and she is active in the Westside Study Group. She also serves on the Gen(i)us Series Committee, is a member of the Study Weekend 2019 Committee, is the Board Liaison to HPSO Interest/Study Groups and regularly volunteers for many HPSO activities.

Lois Moss

Lois Moss, Treasurer (Second Consecutive Term)

Lois Moss is a former CPA who transitioned from accountant to an entrepreneur and co-founded a successful chain of bicycle stores in NE Ohio. After selling her business, she started a non-profit that focused on the benefits of walking, bicycling and active transportation. She has resided in Portland since 2011. Lois conceived and organized HPSO’s After Hours program, and she is active as a HPSO tour planner and escort. Lois gardens in Sellwood.

Tom Barreto

Tom Barreto, Director-at-Large (Third Consecutive Term)

Tom is an optometrist and owner of Eyes on Broadway. A long-time HPSO volunteer, he joined the Board in 2010. He is chair of the Open Gardens Directory Committee, served on the 2015 Study Weekend Committee, and volunteers for other HPSO activities. Tom gardens in Northwest Portland.

Kate Blairstone

Kate Blairstone, Director-at-Large

Kate Blairstone is an illustrator and surface pattern designer in Portland ( She oversees branding, social media and back office operations at Portland's beloved Besaw's restaurant. Kate volunteers her social media expertise for HPSO to reach other novice gardeners in the Portland area and connect with potential new members. Kate and two current Board members have grown HPSO's social media following to over 2,000 people across various channels. Kate's long interest in gardening expanded significantly when she and her husband purchased a home in St. Johns. She is transforming the garden into her own Mediterranean paradise.

Amy Campion

Amy Campion, Director-at-Large (Second Consecutive Term)

Amy moved to Portland in 2013 after working at a Cincinnati-area nursery for 16 years. She's now a freelance garden writer, editor, and photographer. Amy is a regular contributor to the HPSO Quarterly, and she revived HPSO’s seed and propagation efforts by forming the Seedy Characters study group in 2015. Amy is a garden blogger ( and the co-author of Gardening in the Pacific Northwest: The Complete Homeowner's Guide (Timber Press, 2017), with Paul Bonine. She gardens in Northeast Portland.

Loree Bohl

Loree Bohl, Director-at-Large (First Term)

Loree began gardening in NE Portland in 2005. Her love for agaves, cactus and all things spiky, was the inspiration for her blog name, Danger Garden (, which she began in early 2009. Looking at her garden, and blog, you might think she comes from the Desert Southwest but she’s actually a Pacific Northwest native who thrives on the vibrant horticulture scene here in Portland. A freelance garden writer, Loree is a firm believer there is always room for one more plant.

Jo Ann Bones

Jo Ann Bones, Director-at-Large (First Term)

Jo Ann is a fifth generation Oregonian who worked for the State of Oregon for over 30 years, holding several executive, management, and administrative positions. After retirement, she trained as an Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener, and she has been active in the Multnomah MG Chapter and the Oregon Master Gardeners Association, holding office and serving on the Boards of both organizations. She has volunteered at Hortlandia for many years, is active in an HPSO interest group, and serves on the Garden Travel Committee. Jo Ann enjoys traveling with HPSO Tours where she has made many new HPSO friends. Jo Ann gardens in Northeast Portland.

Paul Bonine

Paul Bonine, Director-at-Large (First Term)

Paul has worked in the nursery industry for over 20 years and is co-owner of specialty nursery Xera Plants. He is also a garden writer and lecturer, and has consulted for NPR, Sunset Western Garden Book, and the Oregonian. He is the author of Black Plants: 75 Striking Choices for the Garden, for Timber Press, for whom he has another book forthcoming. Paul previously served as a Director and returns to the Board after a three-year absence. He gardens in North Portland.

Beth Hansen-Winter

Beth Hansen-Winter, Director-at-Large

Beth Hansen-Winter is a photographer and book designer who happily moved to the PNW in late 2002. She's lived in multiple countries and multiple states but immediately fell in love with Oregon and now says she wouldn't live anywhere else. Her gardening addiction began in 1994 when she and her husband moved to a country rental in Sonoma County, CA, and after 21 years of obsessive collecting, she considers herself a certified plant geek. She finds gardening challenging and endlessly creative, often meditative, and a wonderful way to meet wonderful people. Beth recently assumed co-chair responsibilities for HPSO’s botanical exhibits.

Kate McMillan

Kate McMillan, Director-at-Large (First Term)

Kate grew up in Connecticut, and has since lived in London, Washington DC, San Francisco, and now Portland. After being limited to houseplants for years, she fell head first into gardening with the purchase of her first home in SE Portland in 2008, enrolling her garden in the backyard habitat program. She’s owned and runs a web design company, Outbox Online, since 2009, and also a garden design business, Cultiverity, since 2014. Kate is an HPSO blogger, and advocates for social media (and other) marketing and outreach for HPSO to grow their platform.

Scott Weber

Scott Weber, Director-at-Large

Scott Weber is the Production Manager at Portland Monthly magazine. He has an unquenchable passion for plants, gardens, and design, and maintains his own garden blog, Rhone Street Gardens: Adventures of a Garden Geek. He gardens in Portland's Brooklyn Neighborhood and is active with HPSO's social media on Facebook and Instagram.


Bruce Wakefield, Office Director
Lisa Fuller, Assistant Manager
Elizabeth Wilson, Bookkeeper