Board & Staff

The last election of the board was conducted at the Annual Meeting in October 2019.

Jim Rondone

Jim Rondone, President (Second consecutive term)

Jim joined the HPSO Board in 2007 after serving on the education and Gen(i)us committees. In 2010, he became First Vice President, and served as President from 2012-2014. He served as Immediate Past President until returning as President when a vacancy occurred in April 2016. Jim continues to be active with the Gen(i)us Series and other HPSO programs, including planning and escorting HPSO tours abroad. Jim gardens in Southwest Portland.


Tom Barreto

Tom Barreto, Vice President (Second Term)

Tom is an optometrist and owner of Eyes on Broadway. A long-time HPSO volunteer, he joined the Board in 2010. He is chair of the Open Gardens Directory Committee, also serves on the Nominating Committee, and volunteers for other HPSO activities. Tom gardens in Northwest Portland.


Barb Christopher

Barb Christopher, Vice President (Second Term)

Barb is a former museum curator and continues to consult for museums. She has also offered garden coaching and design services. A Master Gardener since 2011, she has been an HPSO Vice President since 2016. She has served as chair the Garden Travel Committee and steps back into the role of Chair of the Membership & Development Committee. She is active in the Hortlandia Committee and Speaker Program Committees. She has served as tour planner and escort on HPSO tours to Wales, Devon/Cornwall, and Spain. Barb gardens in Northeast Portland.


Kate McMillan

Kate McMillan, Vice President (First Term)

Kate grew up in Connecticut, and has since lived in London, Washington DC, San Francisco, and now Portland. After being limited to houseplants for years​ through big-city living​, she fell head first into gardening with the purchase of her first home​ (and garden)​ in SE Portland in 2008. She’s owned and runs a web design company, Outbox Online, since 2009, and also a garden design business, Cultiverity, since 2014. ​Her home garden is a certified Backyard Habitat, and is filled with drought tolerant, low-maintenance plants from all over the world that showcase her love of texture and color. ​Kate​ has been a HPSO board member since 2016, and​ is an HPSO blogger ​as well as an advocate for social media (and other) marketing and outreach for HPSO to grow their platform. After updating the HPSO website, starting the HPSO blog, and learning about and contributing to all of HPSO's outreach activities by promoting them to existing and potential members online, she ​continues to have a keen interest in amplifying the Board's efforts towards reaching a new (and younger) audience.


SShari MacDonaldhari MacDonald, Secretary (First Term)

Shari MacDonald served on the HPSO Board from 2010 to 2016, including two prior terms as Secretary.  She serves as chair of HPSO's Grants & Scholarships Committee, and is also active in the Study Weekend Committee, Garden Conservancy Open Garden Day Tour, and the Westside Study Group.  Shari has a shade garden in Rock Creek. 


Jo Ann BonesJo Bones, Treasurer (First Term)

Jo Ann is a fifth generation Oregonian who worked for the State of Oregon for over 30 years, holding several executive, management, and administrative positions. After retirement, she trained as an Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener, and she has been active in the Multnomah MG Chapter and the Oregon Master Gardeners Association, holding office and serving on the Boards of both organizations. She has volunteered at Hortlandia for many years, is active in an HPSO interest group, and serves on the Garden Travel Committee. Jo Ann enjoys traveling with HPSO Tours where she has made many new HPSO friends. Jo Ann gardens in Northeast Portland.


John BarkerJohn Barker, Director-at-Large (First Term)

John Barker has practiced as an architect in Portland since 1979.  He has a lifelong interest in gardening and has designed and maintained landscaping for residential rental properties and his church for many years. He has participated in several HPSO international tours. John has served for many years on the boards of community organizations, including Community Music Center, Oregon Repertory Singers, and Westminster Presbyterian Church. He has served as president and been an active board member of the Belmont Neighborhood Association and Belmont Area Business Association and was an organizer of the Belmont Street Fair for nine years. He intends to be involved in HPSO activities including tours, open gardens, After Hours, and other areas. John gardens in Southeast Portland.


Loree Bohl

Loree Bohl, Director-at-Large (Second Term)

Loree began gardening in NE Portland in 2005. Her love for agaves, cactus and all things spiky, was the inspiration for her blog name, Danger Garden (, which she began in early 2009. Looking at her garden, and blog, you might think she comes from the Desert Southwest but she’s actually a Pacific Northwest native who thrives on the vibrant horticulture scene here in Portland. A freelance garden writer, Loree is a firm believer there is always room for one more plant.


Amy Campion

Amy Campion, Director-at-Large (Third Term)

Amy moved to Portland in 2013 after working at a Cincinnati-area nursery for 16 years. She's now a freelance garden writer, editor, and photographer. Amy is a regular contributor to the HPSO Quarterly, and she revived HPSO’s seed and propagation efforts by forming the Seedy Characters study group in 2015. Amy is a garden blogger ( and the co-author of Gardening in the Pacific Northwest: The Complete Homeowner's Guide (Timber Press, 2017), with Paul Bonine. She gardens in Northeast Portland.


Jeanne DeBenedetti-Keyes

Jeanne DeBenedetti-Keyes, Director-at-Large (Second Term)

Jeanne Debenedetti-Keyes works for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Specialist, providing database development, analysis and mapping services to manage BLM public lands in Oregon and Washington. She has been a key member of the Gen(i)us Series for years and will move it forward after its one-year hiatus. She is a contributor to the HPSO Quarterly and volunteers at various HPSO activities. Jeanne gardens in Southeast Portland.


Laura HeldrethLaura Heldreth, Director-at-Large (First Term)

Laura Heldreth is an adjunct professor at Clark Community College where she teaches gardening courses through the community education program.  She has her own small business as a garden coach and gardener, working with clients on sustainable edible and ornamental gardening.  Laura volunteers through the Clark County WSU Master Gardeners organization and is recognized this year as its Master Gardener of the Year.  She is also working on a new project, Pollinator Posse, to promote installation of pollinator gardens.  Laura gardens in Vancouver.


Harry LandersHarry Landers, Director-at-Large (First Term)

Harry Landers has a degree in Horticulture from North Dakota State University.  After working in horticulture in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he moved to Portland and worked for 28 years at the International Rose Test Gardens, where he was named curator in 2015. During his time at the Garden, Harry increased its number of roses from around 3,500 specimens to just under 11,000, and the Garden gained recognition as one of the top 100 rose gardens in the world and top 10 public gardens in the U.S.  Representing the International Rose Test Garden, Harry joined the board of the Portland Rose Society in 2005 and served as program chair until 2018. He is an active Royal Rosarian and the Royal Gardner for the second time. He's also active with Clackamas Master Gardeners. Harry intends to apply his diverse experience in a wide range of HPSO activities. Harry gardens in Clackamas.


Eloise MorganEloise Morgan, Director-at-Large (First Term)

Eloise Morgan, our new Quarterly magazine managing editor, was appointed to Director at large.  Eloise, a transplant from New York, lives in Vancouver where she and her husband are hard at work creating a new garden.   Upon arrival to the PNW, she immediately volunteered to assist with the production of HPSO's Quarterly magazine.  A long-time amateur gardener, she is also a member of the HPSO Clark County Interest Group and a former president of the New York Garden Club founded by Louise Beebe Wilder.  A retired lawyer, Eloise has extensive volunteer experience in writing and editing and has served on numerous non-profit boards and municipal committees.


Phillip Oliver

Phillip Oliver, Director-at-Large (Second Term)

Phillip Oliver is a retired librarian and professor, a Master Gardener, and a blogger. He is co-chair of HPSO's Library & Book Committee and oversees sales of books at HPSO events. He contributes book reviews to the HPSO Quarterly and the HPSO blog, posts photos on the HPSO Instagram account, and volunteers for other HPSO activities. Phillip gardens in Vancouver.


Adria Sparhawk

Adria Sparhawk, Director-at-Large (Second Term)

Adria Sparhawk is the owner of Thicket Nursery and also works as a garden designer and coach. She has led the After Hours committee organizing social events for HPSO members.  She assists with social media outreach via Instagram posts on Wild Wednesdays, contributes to Facebook and blog articles.  Adria has also joined the Education/Program committee and looks forward to being involved in the organization of upcoming events.  Adria gardens in Northeast Portland.


Beth Hansen-Winter

Beth Winter, Director-at-Large (Third Term)

Beth Hansen-Winter is a photographer and book designer.  She is cp-chair of HPSO's botanical exhibits team, and co-chairs the Nominating Committee. She has also served as chair of the HPSO/Garden Conservancy Open Garden Days in recent years, and volunteer for other HPSO activities. Beth gardens in Beavercreek.



Bruce Wakefield, Office Director
Cheryl Kleinsmith, Bookkeeper