Call for Speakers

Speaker Programs

Call for Speakers

Each year, HPSO offers in-person and virtual talks on a range of gardening and horticultural topics. The programs fall into four groups:

  • Winter and Special Programs feature renowned regional, national, and international speakers and are typically held in auditoriums in the Portland metro area. Each January, the Winter Program rings in the new gardening year; other large-format programs are scheduled intermittently. In-person events also include book sales, botanical displays, door prizes, and refreshments.
  • The Gen(i)us Series presents talks by professionals on plants and plant families, as well as garden design, gardening techniques, climate, natural history, and other related topics.
  • Garden Stories is our new series designed to explore a broad array of non-technical topics, presented by experts and enthusiasts and describing the development of their gardens, observations on gardening or the natural world, or relating compelling human-interest stories involving gardening.
  • Library Saturdays bring local speakers to HPSO’s office each month during late winter and spring and provide attendees a chance to purchase new and used gardening books, and make use of HPSO’s extensive lending library of gardening and horticultural titles.

A highly regarded speaker also appears at HPSO’s Annual Meeting, which is open to members only and at no charge. HPSO members enjoy discounted registration to all other speaker programs.

Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic, all speaker programs are presented virtually.

HPSO seeks proposals from qualified speakers for the Gen(i)us Series and for Garden Stories. Please refer to the following documents for more information: