HPSO Community Forum

HPSO's Community Forum allows our members to ask and answer questions of each other, and all members are welcome.

The Community Forum consists of five main Forums:

  • Welcome - Learn how to use the HPSO Community Forum and view guidelines for posts
  • Plant Forum – Post questions about particular plants and how to take care of them
  • Plant Exchange – Post opportunities to share plants between HPSO members
  • Products, Resources & ServicesPost questions about tools, materials for the garden, service providers, or sources for materials
  • Design Forum – Post questions about combinations of plants, or the layout of your garden
  • Gardens Near and Far – Post questions about visiting gardens near and far

Within each Forum are topics/questions posed by the Forum participants which then launches the online discussion threads.

HPSO Community Forum

All forum participants must adhere to the Forum Guidelines & Protocols.  Included in the document is a general "how-to" for new forum participants.

The HPSO Community Forum is moderated by an HPSO board member. Forum participants are encouraged to use the Forum Profile button at the top of the Forum page to create a very brief description of themselves - where they garden and what size or style garden they have.

Important tip:  HPSO members who wish to post to the forum must login with their username and password.  Otherwise, access to the forum will be read-only.

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