HPSO Plant Nerd Night

The reports of Plant Nerd Night's death in 2017 were greatly exaggerated.

The annual gathering, which has heralded the start of the garden season for 15+ years, was briefly in doubt after Plant Nerd Night founder Mike Darcy and KXL parted ways unexpectedly after 34 years, ending his "In the Garden with Mike Darcy" broadcast.

Darcy, who says he "loved doing that program," assumed that without KXL as the sponsor, Plant Nerd Night was in jeopardy. But if it was, it wasn't for long. Within "a few days," Darcy says, he was contacted by the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, which agreed to underwrite the event, and also received support from both the Rogerson Clematis Garden and the Salem Hardy Plant Society.

So Plant Nerd Night, which has packed its venue every year, lives on!  A plant nerd's dream come true...

This annual FREE event features representatives from six regional specialty nurseries who offer illustrated previews of new or favorite plants, many of which are also offered for sale at the event.  Don't miss it!  This is always a "sell-out" performance and a wonderful way to launch the spring planting season.


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