HPSO offers lectures by well-known experts, authors, and gardeners, giving members an opportunity to expand their gardening skills and connections. You can read about them at our blog. These programs will delight the amateur botanist and inspire your next garden project. 

Every year we offer a Fall and Winter Program, with numerous programs scheduled throughout the year. Historically held in person, the pandemic gave HPSO an opportunity to expand the Speaker Programs to host experts from around the world via Zoom. To see our upcoming programs, view our Events calendar here. You will find both virtual and in-person programs on offer.

Some of our Past Speaker Programs

HPSO has featured dozens of horticultural experts from around the world, including talks on garden design, gardening techniques, climate change, natural history, and more. Speakers have professional-level knowledge of their topics, and are drawn from horticulture, botany, nursery management, landscape architecture, garden design, and other sciences and disciplines. You can read about many of them at our blog.

HPSO Jennifer Jewell Speaker Programs HPSO Jimi Blake Speaker Programs 

Experts and enthusiasts recount the evolution of their own gardens; talk about garden or natural history; explain an obsession for plant collecting; offer keen observations about wildlife and nature; or share compelling stories about other people who garden.

HPSO Dan Pearson Speaker Programs HPSO Midori Shintani Speaker Programs 

Speaker Programs have an admission fee and are open to the public, but members get discounts and have the opportunity to sign up before the public is notified of the program. Click here to see our upcoming events.


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