Grants Awarded in 2013

We are pleased to announce that twelve community and school projects will receive HPSO financial support this year through the Elaine Joines program fund.  These include:

Atkinson Elementary School: 
PTA members and partners will buy native perennials, shrubs, and grasses to enhance and diversify the 2001-established Outdoor Learning Garden.   

Beverly Cleary – Fernwood School Garden: 
Blueberry bushes and other plants will be added to existing gardens for student education.

Bienestar Housing, Juniper Gardens Community Garden: 
Cultivation of these gardens by resident low income families provides fresh food and community sharing.

Emanuel Medical Center Behavioral Health Therapeutic Garden: 
Large containers will be purchased for the mental health-focused horticulture therapy program.

Friends of Rogerson Clematis Collection:  
New trellises will be built to support the collection.

Johnson Creek Watershed Council Streamside Demo: 
Trees and native plants will help restore a site for environmental and educational purposes.

Laurelhurst Elementary School Garden: 
Students, parents and partners will expand existing garden beds.

Morrison Center Breakthrough Healing Garden: 
Teen male clients will benefit from supervised therapy related to tending a new garden. 

Opal Charter School Garden: 
Adjacent to the Portland Children’s Museum, staff and volunteers will enhance an edible garden and composting system.

PPS Community Transition, Entrepreneurial Garden: 
This “Garden Works” project facilitates the sale of student-grown dahlias and squash to provide job and living skills to students.

Vale’s Willowcreek Elementary School Garden: 
New techniques and plants will teach students the basics of growing healthy food, sustainability and composting.

Yamhill Head Start Garden, Newberg: 
This garden is being developed on grounds by the preschool to provide children and their families with hands-on experience in growing food.