Interviews with many of our Hortlandia nurseries

As a benefit to HPSO members, we are publishing a recap of our interviews with specialty nurseries.  These interviews were conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The following links are pdf files:

Sebright Gardens interview with Thomas Johnson

Sebright Gardens logo

N&M Herb Nursery interview with Rosie Sullivan

N&M Herb Nursery logo

Joy Creek Nursery interview with Maurice Horn

Joy Creek Nursery logo

Fancy Fronds Nursery interview with Judith Jones

Fancy Fronds Nursery logo

Hydrangeas Plus interview with Kristin Van Hoose

Hydrangeas Plus Nursery logo

Sedum Chicks interview with Becky Sell

Sedum Chicks logo

Our Little Farm & Nursery interview with Lisa Goldbeck

Our Little Farm & Nursery

Brother's Herbs & Peonies interview with Rick Rogers

Brother's Herbs & Peonies

Gossler Farms Nursery interview with Roger Gossler

Gossler Farms Nursery logo

Highland Heather interview with Janice Leinwebber

Highland Heather Nursery logo

Dancing Oaks Nursery interview with Fred Weisensee

Dancing Oaks Nursery logo

Arbutus Garden Arts interview with Norm Jacobs

Arbutus Garden Arts logo

Rogerson Clemats Garden interview with Linda Beutler

Rogerson Clematis Garden logo

Humble Roots Nursery interview with Drew Merritt

Humble Roots Nursery logo

Potted Elephant Nursery interview with Cory Jarrell
and Adam Aguilera

Potted Elephant Nursery logo

 Oregon Palm Nursery interview with Jim Parsons

Oregon Palm Nursery logo

Miller's Manor Gardens interview with Lynda Miller

Miller's Manor Gardens logo

Farm Reaches Farm interview with Kelly Dodson

Far Reaches Farm logo

One Earth Botanical interview with Stephanie Beach

One Earth Botanical logo

Noname Nursery interview with Robb Sloan

Noname Nursery logo

Milkweed & Mustard Seed interview with Elaine Kelley

Milkweed & Mustard Seed logo

Windcliff Plants (Dan Hinkley) interview with Dan Hinkley

Windcliff Plants logo

The Green Seed Nursery interview with Austin Booth

Green Seed logo

The Lily Garden interview with Niels Van Noort

The Lily Garden logo


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